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The FoodSaver Way – Keep Food Fresh!

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Take the Air Out and Keep the Food Freshness In

From storing your bulk buy bargains to preserving off season fruits, the FoodSaver food preservation system is the ideal way to help keep your food fresher up to five times longer. Using a FoodSaver means that you can freeze that half price steak you bought on offer last week and enjoy it in three years time. Even those berries which always end up mouldy before you get a chance to eat will stay fresh up to 2 weeks in the fridge. How can we promise you this? It's easy remove the air & lock in the freshness!

Looking for a Better Food Storage Solution?

You're probably already using things like cling film, tin foil and containers to store your food but these methods not only store your food but also store air & its air which causes your food to lose its flavour and nutritional value. This can often mean throwing out food before you even get a chance to eat it.

"Preserve your food the FoodSaver way."

Using a FoodSaver sealing system will allow you to remove all any air surrounding the food and create a vacuum; this will preserve the taste, quality and integrity of your food keeping it fresh and ready to eat up to five times longer.

Savour the Freshness

It's easy to remove the air; all you have to do is place your foods in one of our specially designed FoodSaver bags, rolls or containers and the unit will do the rest of the work, automatically stopping when all the air is removed. Our bags and rolls are even designed with channels which allow for complete air removal.

Removing the air is also the best way to combat freezer burn, which is when frozen food becomes discoloured. Although this food will be fine to eat you'll probably notice a difference in taste, which isn't ideal especially on those steaks or the lasagne leftovers you prepared earlier.

Millions of people the world over are already reaping the benefits on a daily basis by preserving their food the FoodSaver way here is your opportunity to join them: shop FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems.