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What a Waste! FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing – A Way To Reduce Food Waste

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None of us want to waste that much food - life is too expensive to do that! Whilst most of us might think we're great at reducing food waste, the truth is that the hard facts don't lie.

4 Million Tonnes of Food We Could Have Eaten

Nearly 7 million tonnes of food was thrown away last year, of that 7 nearly 3.5 tonnes were food items that could have been eaten!

We talk about being more environmentally conscious by reducing the number of cars on the road and we now even get charged for carrier bags to carry our food home, but yet we are left to ourselves when it comes to how much food we waste. If we all worked towards eliminating this unnecessary food waste it would have a huge impact on the environment. In fact it would have the same environmental impact of removing 1 in 4 cars from British roads!

"4 million tonnes of food we could have eaten..."

So why do we continue to waste food that could have been eaten? It's quite simple really, we cook and prepare too much and we don't use it in time. The key offenders tend to be fresh vegetables and salad, fresh fruit and bakery items like bread and cake. If you think about these foods I bet we can all remember the last time some of these items went straight in the bin.

So what about a solution that works towards eliminating food waste that could have been eaten, can keep fresh up to 5 x longer whilst saving you and your family money day in day out so? Well FoodSaver vacuum sealers are designed for exactly this purpose. Check out the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems on this site to understand more of the benefits to the environment and economy but also to you and your family.

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