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Crowd-Pleasing Party Foods You Can Easily Prep in Advance

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With presents to buy, cards to write, friends and family to see and Christmas dinner to cook on the big day, the Yuletide season has plenty to keep your timetable busy. Add dinner parties into the mix, and all the preparation that comes with making sure they go off without a hitch and you're looking at a recipe for one overstuffed schedule.

Luckily, FoodSaver's selection of vacuum sealers, bags and containers mean you can prep some pretty spectacular party food well in advance and store them until the evening of your next get together. Here we'll show off some superb recipes you can rustle up before things start to get a little hectic. Don't forget, 'tis the season for leftovers too, so be sure to make your seconds go that extra bit longer with something from our selection of storage options.

Cheese in Blankets

It's unlikely, but you might get tired of regular pigs in blankets this year. If that's the case, or you're looking to wow your guests, then go for these wonderful little cheesy versions instead.

Smoky pancetta and piquant Bavarian cheese make for an indulgent kick, while sprigs of rosemary add a fragrant note that's impossible to resist. Don't be surprised when these vanish in seconds.

Wow your guests with this cheesy treat.Wow your guests with this cheesy treat.

Pesto Pastry Stars

These star attractions are deceptively easy to make, and with their festive styling, they're sure to stand out at the dinner table. A simple case of mixing up the pesto and cutting out the stars, you could cook and store them in time for the party, or freeze them in advance and cook them just before your friends arrive.

Puff Pastry Mince Pies

A classic with a twist, these lighter mince pies are great for guests. With only four ingredients, they're super easy to make, inexpensive and absolutely delicious. If you aren't into mincemeat, then you could just as easily fill them with jam or marmalade too. Serve them with mulled wine for some added winter warmth.

These tiny pies provide a twist on a classic.These tiny pies provide a twist on a classic.

Baba Ganoush

Eastern Mediterranean cuisine isn't the first thing that springs to mind when you think of traditional Christmas food. But why not switch things up with this excellent baba ganoush recipe? With a deep, smoky flavour, it's a touch different from the richness of usual Christmas fare, but the intense, blackened skins are sure to make this one a talking point that's quickly scoffed.

It's super easy to make too; after cooking the aubergines, whizz everything up in a blender and it's ready well in advance of your next party. The crackers you serve with them aren't a problem either, just cover them in the spices and cook for 10 minutes.

Crispy Brie Sweets

These cute little canapes look like something you'd get at a sweet shop, but house a classic Christmas flavour that'll keep guests coming back to the table again and again. The creaminess of the brie and butter makes them a decadent treat, with sweet cranberry to cut through the richness. Poppy seeds add an extra little crunch, too.

Boozy Cherry Log

It wouldn't be Christmas without a tot of alcohol, and this fruity, boozy, nutty treat is sure to form the centrepiece of your dinner party. This really is as simple as it gets; mix everything in a bowl, vacuum seal it, and then form into a log and roll in chopped pecans on the night of your party. Serve with water crackers for a bit of extra crunch.

Enjoy a cherry log with a kick of flavour.Enjoy a cherry log with a kick of flavour.

Sweet Potato Croquettes

Another dinner party favourite with a fresh twist, these sweet potato croquettes use panko breadcrumbs for a lighter bite, while the more exotic flavour makes a difference from the regular potatoes normally used in this kind of finger food. With parmesan and sage to enhance the flavours, these simple treats are a breeze to make and easy to store.

Slow-Cooked Bacon Jam

For something a bit more unique, this slow-cooked bacon jam is a curious spreadable that'll prove a hit with everyone at your next get together. Incredibly simple to make, the addition of coffee might seem a bit strange at first, but you'll be too busy enjoying sweet/salty fusion to argue about it. Storable in the fridge for up to four weeks, if you've got enough left over, it'd make for a great gift served in hip little mason jars.

You can spread the bacon flavor this holiday season.You can spread the bacon flavor this holiday season.

Almond-Crusted Aubergine

If you've got aubergines left over from your baba ganoush, then these baked takes are great for vegetarians. With a delicious almond crunch, a homemade tomato sauce melds superbly with these too. Store them before your party and then cook them just before guests arrive.

Vegetarians may enjoy this crispy treat.Vegetarians may enjoy this crispy treat.

We hope these party food ideas have inspired you to get cooking this Christmas. And don't forget, all these dishes can be stored for leftovers using the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system, so you can save money and reduce food waste. Find out more about our innovative range of vacuum sealers.