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Tasty Breakfast Dishes You Can Make from Last Night's Leftovers

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Reheating last night's leftovers at work or for your dinner the next night is all well and good, but what about the morning? Using seconds to create a brand-new breakfast dish for the morning is fast becoming a popular way to repurpose your leftovers. Done right, transforming half-baked scraps into delicious morning meals with minimal effort is a nice treat to look forward to when you've woken up.

Whether you're recharging before work or having a spot of leftover elevenses at the weekend, re-using your food like this can also help with reducing food waste and save you money in the process. And since winter's on the way, big batch cooking almost always results in leftovers, so before you throw out those surplus servings, take a look at these recipes you can make with last night's dinner.

Salad Smoothies

Whether your fridge is overflowing with leftover greens or they're slowly starting to go off, make good use of them by blending up what you've got (spinach, rocket, kale, avocado) with milk, peanut butter and some apple, and hey presto, you've got yourself a smoothie that makes a clean, cleansing start to the day and gives you the lead on getting your greens in.

Quick Fix Hash

If you've knocked up some oven chips for the whole family and still have leftovers, then a quick and easy hash recipe is a great way of using them up. Coarsely cut the chips, fry them with peppers, onion, tomatoes, even a bit of meat and that's your breakfast sorted. Crowned with a fried egg, the yolk running over the hash, quick breakfasts don't get much better than this!

Porridge from Grains

If you've overdone it making something to serve with your curry, which is usually the case, then it makes a great makeshift porridge for the morning. Whether it's rice or quinoa, just add a splash of milk, and heat it up on the hob until it's the consistency you like. A pinch of cinnamon, and some berries add a bit of flavour, while some flaxseed enhances the nutritional value too!

Porridge can be a tasty morning treat.Porridge can be a tasty morning treat.

Breakfast Fried Rice

If you fancy something a bit more savoury in the morning, then use your leftover rice (or whatever grain you've got to hand) to make a fantastic, tasty breakfast rice. Popular in Japan, this simple pick-me-up starts your day with a superb carb and protein boost – fry up your cooked rice, throw in some spring onions and two teaspoons of soy sauce in, scramble an egg and you're good to go.

Pizza Casserole

Perhaps the number one dinner-turned-breakfast leftover, many have waxed lyrical about the powerful properties of cold pizza. Though perhaps unthinkable, there may be a time when you get fed up of cold pizza for breakfast, in that case, give this casserole a go. It takes a bit more effort than the others so far, but the sheer amount of stodge will fuel even the sleepiest of early risers.

Fancy giving it a try? Click here for the recipe.

Pizza casserole - a way to enjoy pizza for breakfast!Pizza casserole - a way to enjoy pizza for breakfast!

Veggie Frittata

Use the surplus of cooked veg taking up space in your fridge to make a superb, nourishing frittata. In a heavy skillet, arrange what you've got to hand – peppers, mushrooms, potatoes – pour over some whisked egg and season. Don't forget to add some grated cheese for a gooey treat to start your day right.

When all else fails, put an egg on it. With the simple addition of an egg, most dishes have the power to take on instant breakfast properties. Fried, poached, soft-boiled or scrambled, add a bit of parsley and you'll have changed up your leftovers into a hearty breakfast in no time. Mix up potatoes and paella with a fried egg, or poach an egg while you're reheating stews or chilli, and let that runny yolk meld together for a wonderful mix of flavours.

Oven-Baked Omelette

For an even bigger protein boost than the above, use up your leftover chicken, pork or even tofu, in this deliciously fluffy oven-baked omelette. With shredded cheddar cheese for an added kick, give this soufflé-inspired recipe a try and change up your breakfast eating for the better.

Hungry for a fluffy and delicious omelette?Hungry for a fluffy and delicious omelette?

Give Thai a Try

Why not repurpose entire meals for the next day's breakfast? If you've got some leftover Pad Thai, give this frittata recipe a try here for an exotic, flavourful breakfast, or lay out last night's stir fry flat in a pan and turn it into a pancake with a wonderfully crispy underside.

Alternatively, use that extra order of rice you got to make pancakes, a great way to turn savoury stodge into a sweet treat. Check out this recipe and serve them up with sliced banana!

Don't forget about stuff that's on the way out

Keep an eye on the food in your fridge that's approaching its best before date, too. If your tortillas are drying up, cut them into strips and fry them with eggs, milk, garlic, bell pepper and onion to make migas, a hearty Mexican dish that's easy to make and goes down a treat.

Likewise, use your stale bread to make French toast, a breakfast classic that always spruces up your fried breakfasts, or make a strata cake. Like a savoury bread pudding, all you need is some bacon, eggs, cheese, and milk as well as your leftover bread and you'll have a delicious, robust breakfast for the next few days. It requires a bit of forward-planning, but the results are worth it. Check out this recipe for a great version.

Delicious and easy, we hope these recipes tempt you to use leftovers in your breakfast more often. All these dishes can be stored using the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system, so you can save money and reduce food waste. For more information about our innovative vacuum sealers, visit the homepage.