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Tasty Dishes You Never Knew You Could Make from Waste Food

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If you've got something lurking at the back of the fridge that's looking a little worse for wear, hold off on throwing it in the bin for now! Even the most suspect of food-stuffs can be salvaged to make some delicious dishes, reducing food waste and keeping your shopping expenses down in the process. The amount we throw out every year in wasted food might surprise you; so, keep an eye on the pennies with some canny culinary choices and you'll save a fair old amount in the process.

From sour milk to wilted greens, don't be so hasty when it comes to clearing out the fridge, get busy in the kitchen and repurpose waste into wonderful meals in no time at all. Here are some tips and ideas to help get you started.

Scones with sour milk

It takes a brave palate to give the sour milk taste test a go. Rather than a delicious and creamy taste, your tongue gets a blast of pungent foulness that induces instant retching. Still though, it's no reason to throw it out, because, amazingly, your sour milk can be used to make some really good scones! The lumpier the better in fact, as the natural acidity of the sourness counteracts the taste of baking powder, which can so often result in a soapy or fizzy flavour in your scones. Plus, they'll be cooked long enough to kill any dodgy remnants from the lumps.

Wilted salad soup

That recipe title sounds enticing, right? Fear not though, those tired, soggy leaves can actually be used to make some superb soup. Wilted leaves are nearly always destined for the dump, with their off-putting discolouration and faint whiff of disappointment, even just days after opening those store-bought bags. Whatever salad you've got to hand, revive it by throwing it in a soup, along with some butter, a sliced onion, two chopped potatoes, 600ml of stock, some white wine, a few spoonfuls of double cream and some fresh basil leaves. Simmer for an hour, and whiz in a blender until smooth.

Season well and you've got yourself plenty of deliciously creamy, hearty soup to last for a few days. Much better than discarding that sorry-looking greenery.

Wilted salad soupTransform wilted salad into a delicious soup.

Stock up on your scrap veg

If you've some leftover veg from other recipes, or your produce is on the way out, then get making your own vegetable stock. It's incredibly easy and gives you plenty of stock to improve your soups, stews and casseroles with. Grab your surplus veg such as onions, carrots, potato peelings, celery ends, and any herbs on their way out and freeze them. Honestly, most veg works well here, but the ones we mentioned are good go-tos for stock. Once frozen, place them in a large pot and add five cups of water.

Cover the pot and simmer on low for about three hours; with the lid on you'll get about six cups of stock. Without it, you'll get a more concentrated stock but less of it. Drain the stock mix through a strainer into a bowl, throw away the cooked veg. Add salt to taste and then store for later.

Vegetable stockMake your own vegetable stock.

Preserve herbs with sauces

Fresh herbs, if not properly maintained, can turn bad at a moment's notice, even if you only bought them the day before. Luckily, herbs that are on their way out can be turned into an excellent makeshift sauce. Basil, coriander and parsley work really well, just washed them to get any gunk off them, chop the stems off, throw them in a blender with the juice of 1 lemon, 1 garlic clove, 1 jalapeno chilli if you fancy it, salt and pepper, add a touch of olive oil.

Give it a blend until combined and that's it! If you've any cuts of chicken, pork, fish or beef, then it goes really well with those, or you could even put it on some tofu too!

Pulp mixin'

People who are into juicing know all too well that the remaining fibre left in a fruit's pulp tends to go to waste. Luckily, that's no reason to put the juice-making on hold, you can put the fibre to good use in all kinds of different ways.

Fruit fibre in a cupPut remaining fibre to good use.

Throw your pulped carrot into a classic carrot cake or flip the script on your usual pancake recipe by adding a blend of carrot, apple and ginger to things. Why not combine orange pulp into the scone idea we mentioned above, or use pulped veg for some great recipe ideas too. Turn your leftover cucumber pulp into an excellent tzatziki, or blend up artichoke with pulped kale and spinach for a healthy, nutritious dip! There's so much freedom to experiment, so get creative with your ideas and see what you can come up with.

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