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FoodSaver Guides: Quick and Healthy Tips for Diets

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If you've stuck to your New Year's Resolutions from January or you're simply looking to start eating more healthy food, then you're in luck! Vacuum sealing is an excellent way of helping with your diet or healthy-eating programme of choice, and can save on time, money and food going to waste in the process too!

Here, we'll delve into a range of different diets that are proving popular right now, and show how vacuum sealing can benefit those on a culinary journey towards improving their health.

Slimming World

What is it?

Created in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell, Slimming World was designed to be an alternative to diets at the time which favoured restriction and guilt. Favouring a healthy, flexible approach that better suits everyday life, Slimming World shuns nit-picky calorie-counting and instead provides a positive system through which people can learn new habits and achieve long-term dieting success.

How does it work?

Slimming World doesn't shy away from letting those on the diet enjoy food, promoting what it calls Free Food – everyday foods you can enjoy whenever you're hungry, such as meat, fish, pasta, rice, grains, veg, fruit, eggs and fat-free dairy.

This is combined with a unique activity programme called Body Magic, which helps you to make small, positive steps to leading a more active lifestyle. Bolstered by a top-notch support system that promotes respect and understanding, it's easy to see why Slimming World has remained a popular choice across the country.

Woman on a runSlimming World allows you to enjoy everyday foods.

Weight Watchers

What is it?

Conceived by Jean Nidetch, a New York City housewife, Weight Watchers was the result of combining a strict diet from the New York City Board of Health with an empathetic support group that the diet's plan lacked. Originally the group was an informal meet-up run out of Nidetch's apartment, but soon grew in number and location, officially launching as Weight Watchers Inc. in 1963.

How does it work?

Weight Watchers uses what it calls SmartPoints, an allocated points value assigned to different foods rated on their fat, protein, carbohydrate and fibre content. Those on the diet are allowed a set number of SmartPoints a day, with the allocation worked out based on weight, age and gender.

Combined with a Wellness Workshop that provides guidance and support from your very own Wellness Coach, it's the only weight loss programme supported by the NHS.

Rice and meat on a plateWeight Watchers uses a SmartPoints system.

Joe Wicks' Lean in 15

What is it?

Hugely popular right now, Joe Wicks' Lean In 15 diet plan is all about getting in three low-carb, high protein recipes a day. Joe favours eating more and exercising less, so what's not to like?

How does it work?

By combining high-quality meals with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. HIIT workouts can be done pretty much anywhere with minimal (sometimes no) equipment, which means there's no excuse not to give it a go.


What is it?

Primarily used to treat severe epilepsy in children, the ketogenic or keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that has shown many proven benefits for weight loss, health and performance.

How does it work?

Since the diet involves very little carbs, moderate amounts of protein and high amounts of fat, the body produces ketones, which serve as a fuel source throughout the body. Because the body has switched its fuel supply to run mostly on fat, fat is burned 24/7.

How can vacuum-sealing help people on these diets?

Because dieting can sometimes be time-consuming, involving large amounts of preparation time, a vacuum sealer can be hugely beneficial in a number of different areas.

A woman eyeing a slice of cakeA vacuum sealer can be hugely beneficial to people on a diet.

Strengthen your willpower

Even with an iron will, adhering to a diet can be tough. Being used to junk food or things heavy on the carbs means that your body will have adapted to crave those foods. How can you resist biology? The brain works in a way that the more you try to suppress a certain type of food, the bigger the craving for it will be. And what of when you see the food in person? You're probably going to feel an intense desire for it too, right?

If you create an environment that supports your goals, however, you're reducing the need for willpower because those temptations aren't there to begin with. Cooking big batches of healthy, diet-friendly meals then storing them using your vacuum sealer is one way of strengthening your willpower.

Imagine getting in from work and being too tired to cook. You're probably going to settle for an unhealthy takeaway since it's convenient and requires no work. Well, neither does taking one of your meals out of the freezer and reheating it.

Save on your money

Similarly, that reduced need for takeaways and quick pick-me-up foods, along with the cache of delicious, healthy meals you'll have stocked up means that your wallet won't take a pounding either.

The nature of batch cooking means you'll be buying ingredients in bulk, a far less costly option than buying ingredients in small quantities.

Woman putting money in purseEating smarter could also mean saving more money.

Reduce food waste

With batch cooking, you're using the same ingredients across several different recipes, meaning the cost of wasting half-used foods like veg and fresh herbs is reduced too. When you factor in the money, time and lengths you went to get that food, you'd be surprised by how much goes to waste.

Increases focus on workouts and exercise

Losing weight is mostly a two-pronged approach of exercising and eating the right food. If you're sticking to the Lean in 15 or Slimming World diets, then you might find the idea of preparing food and working out (or vice versa) a bit of a hassle.

If you dedicate a day when you aren't exercising to preparing your meals to be vacuum sealed later, then you're eliminating half of this time-consuming process. When you're struggling with that last push-up or burpee, you don't want to be thinking about whether you have enough in your fridge to make a decent meal. It's far better to be thinking about the nutritious meal that'll be cooked and ready in minutes waiting for you afterwards instead!

Don't forget, to help these recipes last a little longer, they can all be stored using the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system to help you save money and reduce food waste. For more information about our innovative vacuum sealers, be sure to visit our homepage.