Product FAQs

Containers, Canisters and Marinators

My Container will not vacuum.

Make sure the lid has been snapped closed on all sides. Make sure rubber gasket on lid is free from food materials. Examine rim of container for cracks or scratches. Any gaps can prevent container from vacuuming properly. Make sure Accessory Hose is securely inserted into Accessory Port on appliance and in port on the container adapter.

How long do the Containers keep something fresh in the Refrigerator?

The length of time varies depending on the type of food item and the freshness of the item when stored.

I have been vacuum packaging my coffee in a canister, but now it won't hold the seal. What can I do?

The oil in the coffee (powdered or beans) is being drawn up into the seal area. Place a coffee filter or napkin on top of the coffee before placing the lid on the canister. This will catch the oil and allow for a good seal every time.

I saw canisters advertised with the appliance. Why didn't I receive them?

The accessories are packaged differently with each appliance. Browse to Products to order canisters and accessories. We sell some of our accessories via our website.

Can I use FoodSaver® Deli Containers in the freezer?

The deli containers are designed for refrigerator items, such as deli meats and cheeses, that you access every day. We do not recommend for long term freezer storage.

Can I use FoodSaver® Containers with my Full Size FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System?

You must use the container adaptor to attach your accessory hose.

Are the FoodSaver® Deli Containers only to be used with deli meats and cheeses?

The FoodSaver® Deli Containers can be used for storage of any refrigerator items such as deli meat, cheese, veggies and other snack foods.

Can I put my FoodSaver® Canisters or Containers in the freezer?

No. Due to the expansion and contraction that occurs when something is frozen then thawed, the canisters or containers will eventually crack and will no longer hold a vacuum.

Are the FoodSaver® Canisters recyclable?

Yes, the canisters (base and top) are recyclable under the "Other" category. Please follow the recycling guidelines and requirements of your local municipality.

Is there a FoodSaver® Canister that can vacuum package bread?

There is not a specific canister to vacuum pack bread, but you can use the 6 Quart Bulk Storage Canister. If the loaf of bread is too long, just take some of the slices and place them down inside the canister surrounding the rest of the loaf. However, it has been our experience that if you must vacuum pack the same loaf more than once, it tends to remove the flavour of the bread and can make the bread go flat.

Are FoodSaver® Canisters dishwasher-safe?

The base of the canisters can all be washed in the dishwasher. The bases should only be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher. The lids should be washed by hand.

Are FoodSaver® Canisters microwave-safe?

The base of the Square Canister and the Bulk Canister (not the lids) is microwave-safe, but it should only be used to RE-HEAT foods, not to cook them in the microwave. Canisters are designed for storage only and should not be used to cook or re-heat foods in the microwave.

Can I vacuum package in canisters other than the FoodSaver® Canisters or Containers?

No. Only FoodSaver® Canisters and Containers would be able to withstand the pressure of the vacuum that is created, and our canisters and containers have a special seal inside of the lid to ensure a complete vacuum/seal. Universal Lids are a good way to vacuum a container other than a canister.

Are FoodSaver® Canisters and Containers BPA free?

Jarden Consumer Solutions is diligent in our efforts to ensure that our products are compliant with all industry standards, including the regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada.

In response to your inquiry, none of our FoodSaver® branded Bags, Rolls or Canisters contains Bisphenol A.

We understand your concern and hope that our response helps you in making informed decisions for you and your family.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Do my containers come with an accessory hose?

No, the accessory hose is not included with containers. The accessory hose is included with our heat seal FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System.

Can I purchase just a lid or gasket for my FoodSaver® Canister or Container?

Unfortunately, lids and gaskets are not sold separately.

Is there a FoodSaver® Canister for marinating food?

Yes. The FoodSaver® Square Canister is the perfect item for marinating foods. Foods will marinate in minutes when vacuum packaged because the vacuum process opens the pores of the food and absorbs the marinade more quickly. The base of the square canister is microwavable, making it perfect for re-heating foods. You can also marinate in FoodSaver® Bags.