What type of food will you be sealing?

Some sealers are designed for specific foods, and others are designed for a range of foods. Choosing the right features will help you get the best airtight seal.

Pantry Staples

For grains, cereal, and other semidry goods, try a sealer with a Dry setting, or a handheld sealer.

Meats and Produce

For uncooked proteins, produce, and other moist foods, try a sealer with a Moist setting.

Both Types

For sealing items including dry goods and meats and produce, try a multi-use sealer with Dry and Moist setting, plus a handheld option.

Compact Options

Space-saving sealers for small or limited spaces, or less frequent use; great for smaller items like chicken, fruit, or pizza slices.

Full-Size Options

Ideal for leaving on countertops and using often with both large and small items, or whole pieces of meat.

Need to stock up on bags, rolls, and containers?

Bags and Rolls

For sealing meat and produce, freezer storage, and sous vide cooking.

Zipper Bags

Resealable; great for extending the shelf life of pantry and refrigerator items.


Great for keeping food fresh in the fridge or for marinating in minutes.